Friday, April 11, 2014

Carol and Collection 45

Collection 45

As one can guess from the title blue was Grandma's favourite colour. It did look good on her, but then so did most colours. I suppose it was of her happy disposition that she always looked good.
C45 Lights of Dwali

No idea where the title Fizzle came from. I just liked the block and liked the word.
C45 Grandma Wore Blue

I was working in a year 2 class when I made this block and they were studying the religions of the world. Amazing the information one can learn when you approach a new topic with an open mind.
C45 Fizzle

Did Carol choose these fabrics for Easter which often occurs in April?
C45 April Showers

You can see the reeds and plants of the pond so easily here.
block 5
C45 Chillies in the Pond
Can you pick which block is February in the original collection? Amazing how different a block looks with a change of fabric value.
C45 Dancing Flames

Doesn't the lively fabric in Carol's block suggest Dancing Flames in the campsite  fire.

C45 February

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