Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pachyderms Proceed

Isn't it amazing how different a quilt can look with a change of colours.  Diana started out with all oranges and yellows and then decided to throw in a dash of green.  completely different from my purples.  In real life looks WOW!

all of the combinations are quite different but unfortunately this is the only combination that looked good in the photos.  Another combination is autumn colours which I love and one person is using civil reproductions.  I really enjoy seeing how the different choices turn out.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

And I raise your two pairs

Well I can't believe it! Richard arrived home absolutely ecstatic over Hopkins... well apart from the presence of security huts every ten metres and the continual whine of the ambulance siren arriving every three minutes at the hospital across the road from the student quarters.

He thinks their program is superb and he has also been nominated for a Sommer scholarship which would allow him to work with various government departments while studying. They have also offered him a joint Ph D with the department of Mental Health and the people who he would be working with were extremely friendly.

He shared a room with a young man from Ireland and they hit is off really well and he figures that he could happily share with him. It appears as though the student accommodation isn't too crash hot but there is plenty on offer in Baltimore, although it is very rough in the areas around the medical centre where most students live.... definitely not the better part of town.

at least he is now basing his decision on more relevant factors such as courses and opportunities rather than available sports and accommodation.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pachyderms on Parade

Well had a good class today at Cheryl's shop.  there were three people doing my Pachyderms quilt, one starting on Strawberries and Cream and another who wanted to do the Green Scrap.  I was quite surprised that no one got lost in the middle of all the different instructions going around.

They all seemed happy with what they managed to finish on the day.  One of the students also suggested that I introduce a finishing class every few months as she said that most of the students would like a day when they have completed all of the blocks to actually put them together with me so I will think about that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Johns Hopkins

Well Richard has been offered a scholarship to Johns Hopkins Uni in the US.  It is unfortunately in Baltimore which it appears is the crime centre of the US.  While searching on the web for some more information Paul found a site that stated that Baltimore managed to top the states for every type of crime except for two... sexual assault and police corruption.  Unfortunately it was found in followup investigations that those figures had been doctored so as to lower the recorded levels.  Hey number 1 for all crimes is pretty impressive.

On the other side they filmed Hairspray there!  One needs to appeal to pop culture.

They are flying him over to check out the place before he makes a decision.  Probably because they figure with a reputation like that they need to input some information to sway prospective students their way.  Richard said the topic of their first session is 'Baltimore... it's not that bad!' Bit of a worry if you ask me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorry no can do - Raconteur

Hi everyone,
I have spent several hours most days for the past month trying to convert my hand drawn designs to computer ones and am unable to do it.  Ben, the fellow who was helping me, has also finally called it a day as for some reason the program we were using just doesn't like my computer.  

It takes me two or three hours minimum to draw a hexagon but as soon as I save it the whole thing is covered with lines all over the top.  Although when I print the lines disappear the downfall of this is that I can't save as I go and so if I make an error everything is back to square one.  Also I am unable to save it to the blog without the lines... figured it is better to enjoy myself sewing rather than struggling with the computer!

So I must say sorry to those of you who were waiting to try some of these designs.  Hopefully I can get the whole thing published when it is finished.