Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alaska was great

Well today I started to upload the photos from our last holiday.  Here is a picture of me on the train from Skagway to Ketchiken.  You see the snow in the background that is the height above the ground level .. it isn't going up a hill... the background is actually sloping down away from the train. 

 It was absolutely amazing.  This is the end of the season so you can just imagine what it must have been like at the height of winter.  

Actually in winter the train can't get through unless it has a plough go through first to clear the lines.  The lines had been cleared a few weeks before to allow the passenger trains through for the holiday season.

If you ever get the chance to go to Alaska and Canada take it... you won't regret it

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sydney Quilt Show

Well the winners have been announced and there were some real beauties among them, including my dear friend Margaret.  This was her first entry into the show and she won the ribbon for fourth in 'first time entrants'.  What do you think of her quilt... not bad for only having been at it four years.. no  not the quilt for four years... quilting four years!

The Winners Are Announced

Yes I realise I am running behind but the lucky winners have finally been chosen. Thanks to everyone who joined the party and entered this competition.

The lucky winner of the oriental pin cushion is  Mary in Melbourne - love pincushions . Please count me in.

while the overseas winner is Fred - love donuts and also surprises 

Could you both please contact me at opposite(dot)like(dot)conscious79@gmail(dot)com so that I can organise sending your pin cushions to you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Almost Home.

Well our holiday is almost over... and there are still no snaps up on the blog. But just wait until I get a chance.

Our final leg home was postponed when China Air cancelled our last flight and so what should have been a three hour stop over has been stretched to 36 hours. Lucky we didn't have further connecting flights like some of the others. We have been put up in a hotel in Taipei and today were taken on a five hour tour of the city... fantastic. Will upload photos sometime next week.

Yes we do have some photos - I took almost 2000 and Paul took about 800! Paul suggested we invite over anyone who we don't want to revisit and show them ALL of our snaps... how horrific. I can still remember being forced to watch 'hjoliday' snaps of some friends of the family.... wll one way to clear out unwanted visitors - or at least guarantee they won't come back.

Looking forward to being home again. As wonderful as other places are they don't match home.