Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well here is my third fourth attempt at making a journal cover.  I do agree that it is very similar to the one I flaunted a few weeks ago but that is only because I blatantly copied it.  
Although my quilting skills are not as good as Robyn's I still think it turned out pretty well.
I did learn one thing while making it and that is to only work while I am in the mood.  Once I hit the "I want to finish this" stage I have to stop.  The quilting in the red section was done when I should have called it a day and the stitches are a trifle bigger than the rest.  We all live and learn.

This will be a birthday present for Khanam, my son's girlfriend, and the cover fits an art book as she has just started painting.  Isn't it a bummer to have your birthday so close to Xmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Friday Flaunt / Question

OK now the fun begins.  I have been piecing these clamshells together this week but I want to know if people can work out what they represent.  I know the photo/s not the best but please leave a comment stating what animal you think it might be.

The photo on the left shows the correct orientation but I think it is easier to see in the right hand photo if you tilt your head to the left.

Hope everyone is having a fun Xmas and are with people they enjoy being with.

Friday, December 18, 2009

No Friday Flaunt

Too much has been happening here this week and so I have had no chance to get a needle out. 
Our home has exploded from a quiet two person abode to six people.  PJ, eldest son is home from Paris with his gorgeous girlfriend, Khanam. 
It is marvelous to see your children when they return from a long time away.  We only see him every Xmas as he has been studying overseas for about four years now.  Just after returning he received an email offering him scholarships for another two years of study in another french university so he is really pleased with that.  It also looks as if Khanam will be able to accompany him and so plans are now afoot for their new life together.
My sister, Charmaine and her son Kye have also moved in with us and will be staying a while. 
Life can change so quickly without warning.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Kye is my youngest nephew and this is a quilt that I made for him when he was born, six years ago.  It has been much loved and so was returned a couple of weeks ago for repairs.  
My flaunt this week is the 'again' finished quilt.. Kye's Kaleidoscope... very original name hey?  

With Xmas racing here I thought I would be lucky to do any quilting... but a little bit of straight line quilting was a needed relaxer.  
Sewing room now packed up and no access to machine for three weeks while PJ is home. Looking forward to seeing him and he is  also bringing his girlfriend home to see Australia

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well how lucky am I? Last week one of the groups who I meet with had their Xmas party and this year we decided to swap journal covers.  Well you must agree I was extremely lucky... must have been a good girl this year.

My journal cover was made by Robin and you have to admit she has a fantastic sense of colour and her quilting is what I dream of doing.... perhaps if I practiced I could get better:)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Frenzied Friday - Autumn Stars

These were actually sewn about two or maybe even three years ago when I was into English paper piecing but thought I would do a bit of quilting this week. 

The star on the right is the front of the block while the star on the left is the back, making it into a double-sided QAYG project. The corner diamonds on the front is made of four different diamonds and the star of seven pieces, while the green in the back is a single piece and the yellow frames are each separate.

I decided to simply echo 1/4in from the main seams  on the front and these lines are more easily seen on the back.  I haven't yet decided how many blocks to make but have finished, but not quilted, four more blocks.

Haven't decided yet if I will call it a day and simply use them as placemats or continue onwards and make a quilt out of the blocks.  

The problem really comes down to joining the blocks together.   As the front and back are different there is a seam along the edge of each block meaning that it would probably be difficult to join them securely.. oh for the foresight to plan further than the next step when I start a project:)  .. and a down side of doing points so accurately along the edge.. there is nowhere to fudge an extra 1/4in to add a covering seam :(

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well in truth I didn't finish my quilt this week.
I managed to finish it just before we left for our holidays but I didn't have a chance to upload it.
The finished quilt looks completely different to the original plan and I am very happy with it.
Off to the longarmer next.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home Again

Well we are back. Actually returned just a little over a week ago but have been so busy I haven't had a chance to write anything.

Where did we go?
Well just over a month ago Paul was surfing the net. He found a fantastic special 80% off on an 11 day cruise and 85% off the connecting cruise. Both cruises spent a day in Boston, which is where Richard is studying. So no decision was needed. Booked our tickets and flew out five days later.
Had a fantastic time.

This bridge was in Boston and looked really colourful in an industrial estate that we walked through. Very simple idea, it is simply plastic slinkies wrapped around the top rail and more simply hanging from the lower end of the struts.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quilt Festival Entry

From October 9th to 13th there is an online quilt show showcasing quilts from all over the world. Click this link for many wonderful quilts and also to join in.

As this quilt show is a hanger's choice I have decided to showcase a quilt which I made many, many years ago. The face is that of my eldest son PJ when he was about 11 month's old.

I have called it Going Home to suggest him being a long way away but with his thoughts and dreams still looking home.

Funny that is how the situation has developed and he now studies in Paris and will be over there for many more years, but he does hope to come home permanently at some stage. The quilt was made about 15 or 16 years ago.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well it has been a busy and very productive week. I have finished the new centre for my Turkish Delight quilt. I am very happy with it and it just improves the quilt out of sight. I now need to add some borders as I want the orange arrow pointing towards the top corner rather than along that edge.

I think it may even be finished in time for Xmas. This will definitely not be a persimmon tree affair. In this household if someone receives a gift that they consider a total dud it is know as a persimmon tree - in remembrance of such a tree which I once gave Paul, thinking he would like it but discovering he hated the fruit..such is life!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well I have finally finished attaching the outer border to Turkish Delight. Feeling very happy with how it went too.

All that needs to be done now is to make a new centre and replace the vase then all will be done. I haven't liked the vase for quite a while now and figured that I would simply throw something over it when the quilt was finished.

Paul however had the bright idea that as it isn't quilted yet why not simply remove it and replace it with something I prefer. Clever boy huh?

I have designed a feathered star which I hope to make in the upcoming week. Making it in a variety of greens will help to unite the outer border back in with the rest of the quilt... I am also over the multicoloured sections too.
Can you work out why this quilt has been in the UFO pile for years:)

Have booked it in with a longarmer, who unfortunately can't do it until early next year so even in that area I can't organise things as I would like.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dust Storm

Well here you have the evidence. Yes we had a beauty of a dust storm here also. Unfortunately I never thought to photograph the inside of the house but it was almost as good?

It had been rather warm early in the night of the storm and figured if I opened the windows it would allow the breeze to pass through the house and cool me down.

Yes you guessed it. Dust isn't really that cooling but it does have a colour changing effect:) Spent all of Wednesday cleaning the house. the layer of red dust for some reason was not an appealing colour.

Oh well I had wanted to do a thorough clean and I suppose there wasn't anything else which had actually prompted me to go from wanting to actually doing!

Every cloud has a silver lining as they say.

Don't you just love the windows.

I think the worst of it was being stuck inside for several days waiting for the dust in the air to settle.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Yes it is a late flaunt but there is a reason for it..I didn't realise it was Friday already. Just sat down to check the emails and surprise surprise there was Daphne's flaunt.

My flaunt this week is related to last week's flaunt. Rebecca from Patchwork and Quilting at Express Publications has just emailed me to ask if they could take my Confused Wells quilt to a few craft shows as the sample of a project from their upcoming magazine.... As you can well guess my prompt response was a definite yes! So anyone going to Brisbane or Adelaide in the next month or so will be able to check it out in 'real life'.

I was also going to flaunt the 59 charity blocks I made for the NSW guild get away last weekend except they were all 1/4in too small. Note to self - when using someone else's machine be sure to check their 1/4in foot... oh well at least they only need to cut down a few of the other people's blocks to have enough for three quilts!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Frenzied Friday

Well two flaunts really. Tomorrow is the first day of my online class at Quilt Campus. Scroll down until you get to Confused Wells and that is my class.

It is my version of Hidden Wells but without the restrictions of strips being a fixed width and blocks being same size and in fact any other restriction. I really like the quilt and in real life it is a lot brighter than this photo shows. I have taught it a few times and all of the students have had success and it is perfect for clearing out the rubbish which we all seem to accumulate in our stash over time.

My second flaunt is this tie quilt. I would love to say that I have finished making all of the blocks but when I lay it out it just screamed that it was too short. So in a few weeks you will see a similar flaunt, I hope, when I finish another four blocks... fingers crossed.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carmichael and Shane

I know this is an old one but it is definitely a good one... parenting tips for a single parent trying to bring up twins. The boys, Carmichael and Shane, both are gorgeous and play their roles superbly. Check it out well worth the five minutes and I am sure you will laugh.

Great Give Away

I really do need to get a time manager. I have spent almost an hour sitting here surfing and haven't had a chance to start all those horrid tasks one must do. However I do have a very good reason. I have found some top giveaways which, if you have a few minutes, or hours to spare are worth checking out.
Art Gallery Fabrics is giving you the chance to win a bundle of FQs or and this is what I would love most a bag of scraps... I really do need to move on from scraps...but not just yet.

Sorry but I just went give you links to the other giveaways but my browser died and I have lost those. As I said I need a time manager and so must leave now... but check out the above link.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Really Super Flaunt

Well what do you think of this for a brag? I am now an online designer with Christine Abela's ecraftpatterns. Check it out. I am there.

Yes I know it is bragging but I can't believe it... especially the part where I actually managed to get organised enough to get my design instructions converted correctly to pdf. Yes I know everyone says it is easy and it probably will be next time.. especially if I don't start out with a table format, but that is another story.

My first pattern is one which I drew up for a friend of mine who wanted to begin teaching patchwork. It was perfect for a beginning teacher and also for a beginning patchworker.

Again you can see Paul's watermarking .. for those who asked for a tutorial he will provide this once he can remember how he does it. He is still at the "I think this is what I did last time" stage.. but getting faster.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Motion Quilting

Found a fantastic blog today, 365 Days of Free Motion.

Everyday Leah is uploading a new free motion design with an accompanying video. Check it out and I would even recommend you bookmarking it.

The design beside is called Lightning Bolt and is from day 27.

Monday, September 7, 2009


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Well I can't believe how busy I have been. I have been trying to get organised for this weekend's retreat plus write instructions for a few patterns and in the midst of this we had a visit to Brisbane. Took some lovely photos while travelling and figured that I would upload some.
The collage above is a collection of photos of homes which I lived in as a child. Isn't it amazing how our memories remember things. When I lived in these homes they were beautiful but the years have not done them any favours.
We never lived in the middle house but it is one I have always loved. When I was young it was to me a palace with two huge lion statues guarding the entrance. I have always wanted a majestic entrance and I think it is because of this house. Unfortunately arsonists visited it a while ago and there is little left of my dream.
My happiest home was the one on the lower right and it still looks well loved.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well here it is Friday again. I have been unbelievably busy for most of the past fortnight but the last two days have been great. I am now working on the next border for the quilt top I flaunted a fortnight ago and have decided to do this block.

Initially I wanted to make 8in blocks but after talking with friends have changed my mind and will now make smaller blocks and ... if I can find some more hand dyes in enough colours will do a final border of sawteeth after this one.

Last night I decided that foundation piecing was the way to go and so drew them up and after only two more samples I have managed to work out what sizes to cut the fabric and the order of piecing to achieve what I want.

I am planning on making all of the backgrounds in black and the star/whatever in a variety of greens.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Charming Jelly Cake

Now who could refuse an opportunity to win this gorgeous prize.
Jane, on her blog, has found some great giveaways. Click on this link for the chance to win this Charming Jelly Cake... and it isn't even fattening. Or you can simply click on the photo and it will take you there also.

Go and check it out and leave a comment for your chance.... and if you win and can't decide what to do with the prize I am more than willing to help you out... what are friends for?

Now I really need to finish some work:)

Anyone want some uggies?

ugg boots sale

Well I'm not sure if this promotion is still running but if it is then you have the opportunity to win a free pair of whooga ugg boots. Yes I know it is warming up in Australia but there are many countries where a white Xmas is approaching rather than 0ur traditional scorchers. Anyway it is worth a try if you like uggies. click on the little picture and it should take you to the site where you can register for the competition if you are interested.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Competition

Ok now if you would like to win a $100 gift voucher click on this link to the Fat Quarter Shop blog and follow their directions.

You will have to decide which colourway you prefer for the Village Green BOM but other than that it is easy. Oh and good luck.

If you click on the picture you can even order the kit if you would like it but it is not due until December sometime... perhaps a gift for yourself or someone special.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Flaunt

No flaunt this week as I have been in Brisbane all week and have no internet access. Looking forward to checking out all of your work when I return....
PS don't you love it when you can schedule posts to show on the correct days.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well here it is. I have finally attached the next border onto Turkish Delight. This quilt was started many,many years ago when I decided I wanted to learn how to applique.

At that stage I was also into dyeing and so all of the fabric, apart from the vase and the black are my own hand dyed fabrics.

The lattice design is also my own as the original class had a swag which really wasn't me.

I now need to add one more border as it isn't a really useable size, too narrow for queen and too long for anyother size. I will add another border of floating stars which will hopefully make it king size and then finished.

OH and what do you think of Paul's watermarking skills. He is trying to learn a few more skills and so practises when I ask him for something.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Challenge

Surfing again I have found yet another challenge for all of you creative people out there.

Do you have any wizz bang idea for an Amy Butler name tag? If yes then check out here as you have the opportunity to win some gorgeous Amy Butler patterns as well as other surprises. If interested then check it out.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rhonda's Quilt

I would love to say that I made this quilt but truth be told I selected my fabrics and copied a few of the hearts onto the vliesofix about three, or more, years ago and that is as far as I went. yes this quilt was destined to be another WISP, Work in SLOW progress.

My friend Rhonda had made it, in 1997 if you read the label and I had admired it for many years. Unfortunately I had never managed to really make a start on it which as it turns out was quite fortunate. You see Rhonda has moved from a huge four bedroom country home to a modern two bedroom villa. With the change of abode also came a drastic culling of possessions and a change of style. This meant that the quilt no longer fitted in.

Yahoo!!! It now resides in my place! Aren't I a lucky bunny?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fantastic Jewelry Tree

I know you have all seen those wind chimes made from old cutlery and loved them.  

Well here is another great use for unwanted cutlery, albeit a hell of a lot more work. Kristie is making these for sale but is also offering you a chance to win one.  So if you are interested pop on over and leave a comment.

Frenzied Friday Flaunt

Here it is..Mud Puddles.  

This is my version of Hidden Wells.  I had gone to a lot of trouble to carefully calculate all of the little bits so that they fitted together and as you can easily tell, they do fit.  Well perhaps those extra borders weren't really in my original calculations and plan but some days life changes things and mathematics isn't as accurate as it used too be... that is why whenever I need to calculate fabric I do so very carefully ... and then buy an extra metre :0

Monday, August 3, 2009

Richard's Graduation

Well here he is.. Richard delivering the valedictory speech at his graduation last week.  

Definitely looks cute if you ask me.  the photographer had a lot of difficulty getting a clear picture of him as every time she tried to shoot it he looked down but luckily she managed this shot 

Friday, July 24, 2009

Frenzied Flaunter

Well what have I done this week.... see below for a start... I have been photographing Rhonda's things and uploading all of those, also I have had to label and prepare for sale several items for my first venture into craft markets(no photos there) also have ripped up carpet, humped a ton of very heavy furniture out and then back in and cleaned and tidied most of the house... so although I don't have any quilting as such to show you and I don't have any photos and I haven't done anything exciting, i have run out of time in which to do anything so my flaunt is defintiely frenzied...

Oh one thing I would like to flaunt is that my baby, Richard... he is 19 and a bit big to be considered a baby.. anyway today he is graduating with first class honours in Advanced Maths and next Wednesday he leaves Australia to go to Harvard University where he has won a Knox Fellowship (like the Rhodes Scholarship) to do his Doctorate in Public Health.. and I am as proud as anything of him!

Rhonda's Final Fling (almost)

Some of you will remember a few months ago I sold many quilting books which a friend of mine was clearing out. Well she has had to do more clearing out, disadvantage of moving from a six bedroom house to a two bedroom villa.
I have photographed many of her patterns and things and uploaded them onto flickr. If you want any more information about any item simply email me at and I will tell you what I can.... mind you I will be out for most of Friday so please excuse the delay in responding but as usual it will be on a first come basis. Please tell me what the photo number is in your email if possible.

Click on the links below and hopefully you will find something you like.
kits- these include pattern and fabric for the front at least, some also include threads, backing, buttons etc. The prices are between a quarter and half of the original price and include top quality fabrics. Most of her kits were purchased from Mittagong Patchwork.

less than $5- mixture here, some FQs, some Debbie Mumm knobs, laces and I can't remember what else

$5 items - most of these are patternsbut there are also some panels and stitcheries in there.

$10 - some books here and some kits. I will upload a few more books here over the weekend as a few of the photos were quite blurred when I first took them.

I also have some other items like the stuff in the photo above which I haven't yet listed as I still have to find a price but all will be uploaded soon.

Postage is $2 per pattern for one or two patterns $5.60 for three  or more patterns up to 500g... this should be about five but I will check and it depends on which patterns.  Books are the same.  Kits are generally $5.60 but I will confirm this for you. 

Thanks for looking and I hope you find something you like.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well have finished another block in my Winter Secrets quilt.  This is the sixth in the series which when finished will hopefully look good together as a quilt top. 

 I have really enjoyed making these blocks and actually using some of my many embroidery threads.  As there are 56 separate hexagons in the design I have attempted to use 56 different colours.. what is the point in having lots of colours if you never get to use them all?   

These blocks developed from my Raconteur quilt, which I have only finished just over 200 blocks for so far so there is still quite a while to go with that one:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Although I finished piecing this quilt quite a while ago... like about two years.  It is only lately that I have actually knuckled down and completed the quilting.  

Machine quilting is not my forte.  Hey I could even go so far as to say I am terrible at it.  Now this photo does not show my latest efforts at quilting but I have managed to free motion all of the separate blocks and now this is what I have achieved this week.... added a label to it!

So Country Stars is now totally finished and I have given it to my brother-in-law as a thank you gift from our dog Kendall.  Peter always looks after Kendall when we go away on holidays and as he lives in Boorowa, a really cold place, this seemed an appropriate gift.

I have also spent most of Thursday washing quilts.  A friend of mine is moving from a six bedroom house to a two bedroom villa and so needs to cull drastically.  She has in the last few years made many quilts and as she is changing her style, from country to french provincial  I will be selling many of her quilts for her in the near future. Unfortunately it rained most of Thursday so heaters have been going flat out all day.... almost finished drying.  I suppose I could have waited for a sunny day but hey that is a bit forward thinking for me. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stolen Copyright

Just received this email from a friend.  If you see the pattern being sold could you  please note the name of any contact person on the cover and let Liz or myself know.  Thanks.

Hi there,

..You will find updates on my web site (that’s as soon as I manage to get information uploaded) and also a free pattern – “Bear Hugs”.

This freebie has come about because I discovered just recently much to my dismay, that someone has been photocopying & selling my patterns wholesale. I have never sold any of my patterns wholesale & I understand that someone in the ACT may have been selling them at a quilt show. Now I don’t know who that person is, & instead of becoming bitter & twisted, I have decided to make it available to anyone who would like a copy! In fact this solution has made me feel very happy & I hope that you will enjoy making this little quilt – it has given me great pleasure. J


You can use this pattern to make quilts, teach if you want to, but I would appreciate it if you respect me as a designer & do not on-sell this pattern.


Elizabeth @ Berry Patchwork J

Oh also, if you want the free pattern keep checking back on her web site as it is being updated at present but things should be fixed soon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I have finally managed to upload my quilting website.   I have been trying to organise this for ages and once I even managed to succeed but couldn't find it.  This morning PJ helped out and viola her it is.  I haven't yet worked out how to add comments to it though but that will come one day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Flaunt

I have been working on many projects lately but here is something that I have actually managed to finish... well I have finished all of the blocks in the quilt that is.  

There are about 140 blocks and it is a QAYG project so it now only needs to be quilted, which will be quick on the machine and then joined together.

Hopefully after cleaning out Richard's room today I might have a chance to start the quilting.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alaska was great

Well today I started to upload the photos from our last holiday.  Here is a picture of me on the train from Skagway to Ketchiken.  You see the snow in the background that is the height above the ground level .. it isn't going up a hill... the background is actually sloping down away from the train. 

 It was absolutely amazing.  This is the end of the season so you can just imagine what it must have been like at the height of winter.  

Actually in winter the train can't get through unless it has a plough go through first to clear the lines.  The lines had been cleared a few weeks before to allow the passenger trains through for the holiday season.

If you ever get the chance to go to Alaska and Canada take it... you won't regret it

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sydney Quilt Show

Well the winners have been announced and there were some real beauties among them, including my dear friend Margaret.  This was her first entry into the show and she won the ribbon for fourth in 'first time entrants'.  What do you think of her quilt... not bad for only having been at it four years.. no  not the quilt for four years... quilting four years!

The Winners Are Announced

Yes I realise I am running behind but the lucky winners have finally been chosen. Thanks to everyone who joined the party and entered this competition.

The lucky winner of the oriental pin cushion is  Mary in Melbourne - love pincushions . Please count me in.

while the overseas winner is Fred - love donuts and also surprises 

Could you both please contact me at opposite(dot)like(dot)conscious79@gmail(dot)com so that I can organise sending your pin cushions to you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Almost Home.

Well our holiday is almost over... and there are still no snaps up on the blog. But just wait until I get a chance.

Our final leg home was postponed when China Air cancelled our last flight and so what should have been a three hour stop over has been stretched to 36 hours. Lucky we didn't have further connecting flights like some of the others. We have been put up in a hotel in Taipei and today were taken on a five hour tour of the city... fantastic. Will upload photos sometime next week.

Yes we do have some photos - I took almost 2000 and Paul took about 800! Paul suggested we invite over anyone who we don't want to revisit and show them ALL of our snaps... how horrific. I can still remember being forced to watch 'hjoliday' snaps of some friends of the family.... wll one way to clear out unwanted visitors - or at least guarantee they won't come back.

Looking forward to being home again. As wonderful as other places are they don't match home.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Holiday Prep Started

Well we leave shortly for our trip and as I had a feeling that I might not mange to finish all of my must do tasks I even arose early this morning and started my sewing. Now you may mistakenly believe that I started sewing the ski pants which I plan to live in for most of the trip but no.. there was something even more urgent....luggage tags. I have wanted some bright ones for ages and saw some beauties on my last trip but at $17 each thought it was a bit over the top. So now two hours after rising we have our own luggage tags. 

What do you think of them?
Off to have breakfast and then hopefully sew some ski pants!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SEWN Blog Party Give Away

Spent the morning surfing the web, avoiding the must do task of making some ski pants for our upcoming trip to Alaska, and found what looks like being quite an exciting new blog, SEWN. Seems it will be an online resource centre for Australian designers, shops, you know whats all related to patchwork and sewing. It is being set up by Sarah Fielke who lives somewhere in Sydney.
the site has a launch day of June 1st and a big online party date of June 8th. As I will be away on the 1st looks like I will have to catch up with those happenings when I return but I will be home and hopefully alive by party date.

To celebrate the party Sarah is organising a party give away and if you click on the link you will find out all of the details there.

For my party I am planning on giving away two gifts. For those who come to my party from Australia you have the chance of winning an oriental pin cushion and for those who come from overseas it will be a donut pincushion (if I find my pattern again otherwise it will be a surprise:), which you will need to stuff.

If you would like to join my party simply leave a comment below and remember to check back after the party to see if you were the lucky person.
For an extra entry simply create a link back to this blog and leave a second comment with you blog address, this second comment will not be published though.

Some other places to pick up a few prizes are crafty librarian and here

Friday, May 8, 2009

Time is Running Out

Only seven days to go until we leave for Alaska.... I have to start sewing my pants soon as I only have one pair of heavy weight.  
Bought a couple of daggy pairs recently and only need to trim the legs down a bit and they will be OK.  Have even cut out another pair from some double knit I bought about eight years ago... top of the fashion then.  
I suppose that is one advantage to being 'old' you don't have to worry about following the fashion. Actually I do follow fashion sometimes.  Unfortunately by the time I start to follow them they are no longer fashionable.  And if I am actually making the item then there is quite a high chance that it will be fashionable AGAIN by the time I get around to doing it.  
If it wasn't for the upcoming trip then the 'proposed' ski pants would still be languishing in the proposed pile!.

Online Class

Well I have finally finished all of my notes for my online class with Quilt Campus and have a start date scheduled for September 19th.  I was going to start it earlier but as they are only a new online group they are taking it slow and not running any classes over the summer.  

Funny the things you learn as you prepare for an online class.  My photography skills have improved for one thing and I have learnt that my pet hate... paragraphs and sometimes photos splitting onto two pages can't always be avoided because of the myriad of printers which people are using these days.

Should be a fun adventure.. can't wait!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nabbed Good Jobs

Ahha another benefit  of jumping in quick.  I have nabbed a couple of jobs for our retreat which are just perfect for me... co-ordinator of the FQ swap, meet and greet and (the real me task) organiser of the database.  Yes I do realise that to most people the last task is BORING plus but I think it is tops to keep things organised and my brain functions that way.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Richard hits the local newspaper

While talking to Richard this morning on google chat he nonchalantly mentioned that there was an article about him in the local paper.  Me being the mum of course immediately went out and bought a copy of the paper.  Paul being more the talkative person continued chatting to him and discovered that it could be viewed online.  Mind you one advantage I had over Paul was that I discovered that Richard was also on the front page!  Isn't he cute!
His article was even popular enough that he reached number 3 in the most popular stories for the day.... and I have the print out to prove it.  Yes I am very proud of him and I agree with the person who left the comment on the site that he was handsome!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cutting long lengths using two rulers

Placing the two rulers side by side, slide them so that they pass through the corner points of the square as shown.

Using the rotary cutter carefully cut along the diagonal until you have passed the halfway point 

With your right hand hold the smaller ruler in place as you slide the long ruler beside it until it passes the upper corner.

Discard the smaller right hand ruler and complete the diagonal cut through the top corner.

Paducah Show

Well the winners have been announced for Paducah and boy are there some beauties. You could spend an eternity looking over some of those beauties. Mariya Waters won with her beautiful Renaissance Revival which has to be seen in real life to be believed. The photos don't do justice to it.

Also heard that Nicole Bridges and Lisa Walton won third prize for wall quilts which is also great.

On a sad note... well for people who are not into applique.. it again appears as though there is no chance of winning a major prize at Paducah if you prefer piecing rather than applique... ahhh such is life!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2010 SCQ Retreat

Well I was the first!!! First one to sign up to follow blog for next year's Scquilter's retreat.  
It will be at Bathurst which is only next door to Orange, where I grew up.  
First opportunity in years for me to go back and check up a friend... I would say or two but there you have it... I only have one friend.  Well only one left in Orange anyhow and it will be great to see him again.  I could warn him but then again he might leave.  Hmmm might this suggest something about my circle of 'friends'?

Monday, March 23, 2009

How to cut large squares

OK have had a few friends ask me how to cut large squares if you don't have a massive square ruler. Now this method is not the best if you need absolute accuracy.... but when in patchwork have we needed absolute accuracy :)

This is actually the second cut but I can't find a photo of the first cut.  As the principle is the same you can follow from this.

Place your ruler onto your fabric near the edge, lining up the edge of the ruler with one of the line markings on the mat.

Hold the ruler down firmly and while pressing down cut away from yourself.  For a more accurate cut, and to lessen the chance of the ruler slipping,move your hand along the ruler when making long cuts.  Only cut 6-8 inches before moving your hand along the ruler.

If you have a large enough mat, for the fabric to lie completely on it, then turn the mat so that the cut edge now lies along the side closest to your body.  If your mat is smaller, then simply turn the fabric lining up the cut edge with one of the marked lines on the mat.

Line up the cut edge of the fabric with one of the lines on your ruler.  Slide the ruler so that the edge is near the edge of the fabric and lies along one of the marked lines on your mat.  Taking care cut away the excess fabric.

Rotate the fabric and mat again. and repeat the above steps. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My VERY first quilt

While cleaning out some things today I came across a photo of the very first quilt I ever made. I didn't even think we had any photos of this. Admittedly the focus of the picture was PJ but you can still see what a classy quilt it was :-)