Thursday, February 7, 2008

What do I remember?

This month's theme is 'What am I old enough to Remember?'
Actually this is quite a coincidnce as I was recently thinking about starting on a small quilt (six inches square) using an aeroplane jelly logo. Many times I will be wandering around and that old song pops into my head

"I like aeroplane jelly!
Aeroplane jelly for me!
I like it for diner. I like it for tea.
A little each day is a good recipe.
I like aeroplane jelly.
Aeroplane jelly for me!!"

Everyone sing it together now ....

So this month's "stop and think what are you old enough to remember. You do not have to declare your age - but simply what you are old enough to remember." challenge has started me on my way.   One of the children I work with is  also studying australia and what it means to be an Australian, our culture, our icons ... just us.  Personally Aeroplane jelly is the perfect place for a totally cuturally insensitive person ... or one who remembers what is important to a child.

Anyone thinking of joining this challenge just click on the link beside

Here is this months palette should you choose to use it


Lindi said...

I remember Aeroplane jelly; Uncle Toby's creamy custard;and happy little vegemites.

Diane said...

I have no idea what Aeroplane Jelly is, but I must say that it conjures up some rather strange images. I can only guess... candy in the shape of an aeroplane? The jelly they serve on flights to go with aeroplane toast?

Liz Needle said...

I can remember when you couldn't get chocolate or any coffee other than coffee essence with chicory. I remember when I was three an American soldier on a tram gave me some chocolate and I had no idea what to do with it, though I caught on quickly and have been a sucker for it ever since.- now that was 65 years ago.