Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trawling Thursday - Ignoble Awards

From Smiley Sue comes this little gem

The Ig Nobel Awards are global awards presented each year for unusual
scientific work. This year's chemistry award was presented to
Mayu Yamamoto of the International Medical Center of Japan, for
developing a way to extract vanillin -- vanilla fragrance and flavoring -- from
cow dung

Puts a new meaning to the phrase "it tastes like sh@t"!!!


Quilter In Paradise said...

I LOVE it!!! thanks for giving a chuckle today!

Quilter In Paradise said...

I hope you don't mind that I mentioned your blog on mine -

I'm just rolling on the floor laughing at what you have posted,,, I needed the good laugh!

I am also thinking of the 25or less... I love that, too!

again, thanks for a great day!