Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Touch of Magic

I'm still not certain that this will be the name of the quilt but for the time being it will do.  This quilt was started last year in my cleaning up phase where I decided that come what may I was going to clear out all of my scraps, well at least those smaller than a sheet of A4 paper.  

At this stage I have made five quilts but unfortunately the scraps seem to grow overnight or at least whenever I turn around.  I have in my basket enough scraps to make a decent size portion of yet another quilt.  Oh well that is for another day.

Three different blocks make the quilt; log cabin for the stars, pineapple for the background and fiddlesticks for the 'odd' blocks.  I am quilting it as QAYG and have so far finished one out of four sections.  Hope to finish by xmas.

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