Thursday, November 8, 2012

Woo hoo! Another Surprise.

I have just heard that I won two prizes at the South Australian Festival of Quilts with my quilt Raconteur - the Storyteller's Collection. It won second prize in the Open Traditional and also the Retaining the Tradition Award..... Really brightens up the day.

I know this isn't a great photo... actually in truth it is a great photo but the problem is that this is a king size quilt of miniatures and so is very very hard to photograph.  You can see several photos of the individual blocks if you look through the blog.  

To celebrate winning the awards I am giving away the pdf pattern to make one of the collections (that's one of the large hexagons which contains seven little miniature hexagons).  To be in the running to win a collection simply leave you name and the collection number that you would like to win.  You can see all of the individual collections here.. or just pick a random number if you prefer:)
I will select the winner on the 23rd November.


CelticRose said...

What a stunning quilt!!

I'd like to win Collection 38.

VickiT said...

Wow. That's awesome! Congratulations on the two wins!! That has to be a great feeling because that was a huge amount of work to make that I'm sure. It's beautiful.

I like so many of the collections because there may be a part of each that I really like but then there are others that I feel the same. I think I've gotten it narrowed down to Collection 22.

Lyn said...

Wow, congrats! I'd love to win collection 15.

virtualquilter said...


Incredible quilt! Congratulations! It stopped me several times over the wekend to lok at some of the details.

Judy B

jrt14 said...

What a beautiful quilt. All the blocks look amazing, but number 12 is my favorite.

Ozjane said...

this is such an insane competition for me to enter that it borders on the ludicrous...but I did buy 100 paper hexagon shapes!!!
More insanity.
I keep assuring myself it is the result of two major surgeries in one year and all that anesthetic.....not that anything is major any more!!
I do not have a hope of proving I am not a robot with this lot!!

Fran C said...

Congratulations on your win Cinzia Lovely quilt. IF I am lucky enough to win Number 8 is for me.