Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scatterday W - 2012 In Review

Wow I can't believe how quick today has come around. Funny I was thinking of many wonderful W words which would fit into this...such as watches, the Bridge Walk and wedding for expensive, wooble board or "Walking in Sunshine" for music, and for WIP hey I have more than 20 of those.  Wedding seemed to dominate my thinking once it turned up and as a niece and nephew had been married this year I actually have photos of the events so it was an easy one.... just needed to find the photos.

What could be more exciting than a wedding.
Rebekah and Nick planned to marry in the Rose Gardens in Canberra on what was forecast to be a beautiful warm Autumn day for "Walking in Sunshine", but alas the temperature drop and wind chill factor change this to "Blowing in the Wind". 

 Frocks had been chosen, I am sure the men chose their outfits with the usual care of "it's ironed, it fits, it's perfect".  Rebekah had found her wedding dress in the UK and flew it in for the occasion .... isn't it exquisite?
Several months later James and Sarah also married. It has been an expensive year in that family as Rebekah and James are siblings, but hey these are once in a lifetime events. 


James and his groomsmen presented a wonderful wedding song to his beautiful bride. Although it wasn't Walking in Sunshine nor Blowing in the the Wind, it is well worth watching here.

WIP now here was to be the beginning of the baby quilt which I am making for the real WIP...Rebekah and Nick are expecting their first baby about May.  YIKES.. all I have done is choosen the box from which I will choose the fabric. Time is running out. There is always a cable baby blanket. It is actually in progress, well the pink one is, as opposed to the quilt which is more in hope of progress.

Thanks go to Ron and Wendy without whom none of the above could have been possible.
It has been a great year catching up with family living far and wide... weddings are a great day for everyone.


Linda H. said...

These are great photos, and great memories! I absolutely love the wedding video. That young groom is a cutie, and though I couldn't see the bride very well, I bet they're an adorable couple. How fun to have this remembrance of their special day.

Thank goodness I'm 18 hours behind you... still waiting for that camera to arrive!

Ozjane said...

Lovely wedding photos.....happy knitting.

jacaranda said...

I love Weddings, such a happy day and a beautiful bride, love her dress. I am looking forward to the next round, have already worked out what to photograph. Will check in the morning to see if any others have played the game.

blessed speedy said...

Great photos - and love the WIP!

Liz Needle said...

Lovely photos and very clever combining three categories in one event. Thanks for organising this fun (and time wasting) activity.

Ros said...

Loving the wedding photos. My eldest, Chris, is getting married in April. So excited.