Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Carol's Gift to You

Original - Tribute

Carol made a table runner several years ago and just a few days ago she was inspired to create another block for Raconteur using it as inspiration. She has also graciously allowed me to share it with you all. At this stage the pattern contains the templates for miniature size, 141size and EPP templates for both sizes. No instructions are included at this stage but if you feel you would like them email me and I will add them.
Many thanks to Carol for sharing this delightful pattern.
Click here for pattern


Please let me know if the link doesn't work as I am just learning how to share with google drive.

Original - Froggy Princess
Froggy Princess is another original block...in truth I had one the same originally but when I found I had over thirty blocks too many it was one that was culled. Mind you my fabric wasn't as nice as Carol's...but surprisingly it was a frog and the block was called Valiant Frog after my friend Val who had given me the fabric:)
Great minds think alike.... (I won't continue that statement)

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