Friday, February 28, 2014

BOM 15 - Searching

C15 Searching
How appropriate! The name for the free BOM this month is Searching and I'm positive I will receive a few emails from people asking me whatever happened to BOM14. They will be positive that last month they picked up 12 or perhaps they will think they had missed a month and so will search their files. But no they/you haven't missed anything. There is no BOM14 because Collection 14 is one of the side collections and rather than using regular hexagons I have used extended hexagons for those collections. 
The BOM series will make a wallhanging, either small if only using seven blocks or large if using 49 blocks. Neither wallhanging needs the extended hexagons and so when we reach one of those collections I simply miss it.
Although I hand pieced Searching, (what else did you expect?) the instructions include foundation piecing templates. Happy sewing and looking forward to seeing photos of your work.

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