Saturday, March 22, 2014

Collection 42 and Carol

Collection 42

Well Carol has definitely been busy. Here we have the entire C42 and you couldn't ask for a prettier selection. 
I have no idea why Bouquet for Mary was named as it was. The name just seemed appropriate .. even though I don't know a Mary :)
C42 Bouquet for Mary

The central star in Reaching Out looks like someone reaching out to others, like the children's game Blind Man's Bluff.
C42 Christabella

The blue fabric in the original block was a beautiful (bella) scrap from a friend Chris.
C42 Reaching Out

A star Within a star the name comes purely from the design.
C42 Within

Where would a garden be without glorious flowers. Alone nothing but together so vibrant and joyful... the Two of Us or the two of them ... really doesn't matter.
C42 The Two of Us

There are many gems but one of the prettiest has to be emerald green and Ruby Red

C42 Twirling Dervish

Twirling Dervish  are traditional male dancers seen in the Istanbul, Turkey. You may see a video here of some of these amazing men in action.

C42 Ruby Red

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