Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Collection 16 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 16

Still Too Small was my second attempt at this block and it was as the title says still too small. Solution just add another border.
C16 Still Too Small

Yvonne's Mystery was designed for a friend who wanted a quilt using Flying Geese... well the geese did appear in the outer border!
C16 Yvonne's Mystery

I always thought of a play pen as a gaol and the bars through the middle of this block gave me the same feel :) Warped sense of humour I suppose you could say.
C16 Bull's Eye

What other name would be appropriate for Bull's Eye?

Does the name Tim Tam Spread really need explaining.. just think of the effect of a glorious afternoon or two relaxing with a packet, or two, of the food of all foods.
C16 The Playpen

Rhonda is a friend I quilted with for several years. The name Ravishing Rhonda came from Margaret when she was trying to find a way to have Rhonda's name appear at the top of her R names in her mobile phone.
C16 Tim Tam Spread

Or imagine what happens when two dozen packets of Tim Tams split out of their box after travelling across the world in a box poorly packed by a younger brother!
Ravishing Rhonda

Margaret is a wonderful friend who 'loaned' me much of the pastel fabric  for Racontuer. I wanted to make a pastel quilt and there was only one thing stopping me .. an almost total lack of pastel fabrics. Magaret's Choice was one of the first fabrics Margaret 'loaned' me.  
I wonder if she wants them back?
C16 Margaret's Choice


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