Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Project

The pale background came from the left overs from a friend's quilt. Lucky the spikes weren't any wider or there wouldn't have been enough fabric.
Well there is a good reason why I haven't been doing much lately.  PJ and Khanam have announced their engagement and so I have been busy sewing some blocks for a possible wedding gift. I have always wanted to make a New York Beauty quilt but finding the time and getting stuck into one just wasn't getting anything happening. A wedding in the new year is definitely an impetus and so I thought I had better start. 
 This was the first block I made. The spikes were fun but deciding on what colour to make the arcs was a difficult choice. 
This is an interesting photo in that the arcs appear to complement the spikes well but depending on the light this is not always the case in real life..... interesting.

Two years ago I won a F8 pack from Moda and thought I would base the quilt on those fabrics. I have since been given other fabrics and although I thought they would all go together when I put them to the test they didn't marry a stash trawl was needed. Personally I love the brightness of these colours

Will be seeing them both in a few weeks and shall see what they think of the colours or if they would prefer a more subtle colour choice. As it is likely to be used and so would dominate their bedroom, I thought it should be made in their colour choice rather than my usual random selection of everything :)

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