Friday, May 2, 2014

Collection 17 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 17

Aren't the colours what you would expect in a Fresh Start?
C17 Fresh Start

The Thief of Time  is a clock found on a back alley in Paris. He looks like a tall skinny fellow who would sneak in to your home in the late of the night. I wonder if they will ever fix it so that it works again.
C17 The Thief of Time

My favourite author for many years was terry Pratchett and I love his Discworld novels. They are traditional stories with the characters begin changed to be witches, trolls, dwarfs and even Death. From one of these the Gathering of a coven of witches was brought to mind.
C17 Scattered Jewels

The colours in Scattered Jewels scattered among the floral background gave this block its title.
C17 Gathering

I have never wanted to make a pineapple log cabin and after Pinepaple Mixup am positive that I won't make a quilt using it.
C17 Dust 'n Crumbs

Dust 'n Crumbs is a quilt that I made using those crumbs, small scraps left over from other projects. It may surprise you but I have a large single bed quilt made of scraps just as small as those used in this block.
C17 Pineapple Mixup

One day I will appliqué curves and points just like Merelyn ... if I actually start and practise it could help to improve my skills rather than just dreaming. My version is machine appliquéd and even then doesn't look anywhere near as good as Merelyn's 
C17 M's Clover

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