Monday, May 19, 2014

Norway Day

Must say it is easier to write posts on my computer than it is on the iPad. Will fix things when I return home but for now just look at the embroidery in these outfits.

Paul and I are visiting our son Richard and his partner Hilde, in Norway and this week there are many celebrations to commemorate 200 years of democracy.

Yesterday there was a concert highlighting the arts and in particular national costumes, called bunad. 
There are many areas in Norway and each has its own traditional costume and what amazing works of art these are.

Even toddlers dress up for the day. Gorgeous isn't she?

The children usually have a simplified version of their parent's outfit as the real thing is very expensive.

It is such an occasion that many men also wear their national costume.

When I return home I'm going to upload a really great phot here of five girls from the same family. Their mother made their outfits and they are beautiful. The photo is somewhere on this iPad but be blowed if I can find it when I want it...don't you just love technology?

row 4, cell 1block 5row 4, cell 3
block 6row 5, cell 2block 7

The concert was free and held in the park which is overlooked by the Parliament House. 

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