Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here Comes the Sun

Well I suppose this isn't really a scrooge quilt since in reality it is made with new fabric... but it could be classed as such since Richard didn't have to buy any of the fabric... he simply scavaged it all from my stash...
Not a bad effort for first quilt.

Richard came up to ask for my help just a month before his girlfriend's birthday. He wanted to make her something personal and thought a teddy bear would be perfect. Small and therefore easy! You have to love that logic. After a bit of discussion he decided that perhaps I had more idea of what was easy and manageable in the sewing area than he did and so he embarked on a quilt.

Day 1 was selecting fabric and cutting .. after a few almost lethal swipes he managed this reasonable well.
Day 2 laying out ... several hours later he decided that perhaps I had a system which could help him get a good spread of colours
Day 3 ... now the adventure began... using the sewing machine.... an easy task ... his design was QAYG nine patches. Hey this was really easy and it only took two days to put together his 12 blocks .. only making a lap quilt.
Day 4 ... two weeks later .. started the quilting... figured he didn't need to rush as making the blocks had to be the hard part and that had taken only a few hours
Day 5 .. about a week later... have managed to ditch stitch the seperate blocks .. only need the diagonal quilting line, trimming blocks, joining blocks, hand sewing the covering seam on the back, binding.... yes we are only a few days away from the birthday and yes I have been nagging but Richard still hasn't hit onto the fact of how much more needs to be done

D Day minus two.. yes the birthday is in two days and most of what needed to be done on Day 5 still needs to be done. At this stage Richard figured that when I had been nagging him it was perhaps because he had a lot left to do. For the two days prior to Jess' birthday either Richard or I worked on the quilt for over ten hours per day.

Finished by the day and proud as punch Richard gave Jess the quilt. We had only made one error .. lap quilts in this house are almost bed size for normal sized people and Jess is tiny... but she loved it