Sunday, January 18, 2009

See Jane Run

WOW!  Have been trawling and just came across some fantastic fabrics .. this one here is Andalucia Earth Moorish Tile.  Couldn't you do some interesting things with it.. just look at all of the reflections and rotations... plus the colours.

If I wasn't on a no buy challenge I could definitely give this one a try.

The blog where I found it,  laniejane also has a competition going and the winner receives a bunch of the fabrics... what a great way to promote the fabric and the blog... check it out... entry is free.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Clean Sewing Room

Well my sewing room is now clean.. admittedly the hall outside of it is a traffic hazard and a half but the room is clean.... that never worked with my mum and after tomorrow won't work here either but it has taken the better part of today to reach that level that I just had to gloat.

Decided to make a pin cushion yesterday and it looks like it may actually be working... will upload a photo tomorrow when I am hopefully finished.  The design is the oriental one on Luixin's web site but I have changed it so as to make it using regular piecing rather than english paper piecing and it makes it a rather quick project.

Will also upload a couple of photos but alas my card reader is at present nowhere to be found and I have given up looking... I bet it is in Richard's room:-)

Fibre Art Techniques

Eiloren has many free tutorials on techniques similar to those found in Quilting Arts.  Plus a great site and interesting blog to go with it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Progress on NYR

Oh I don't believe it.  One week has almost passed and my 2009 goals have barely been thought about.
Let's see
1) 15 mins cutting scraps - no can do.  All of my scraps are still packed away and will only be unpacked later in the week - acceptable excuse
2) scrooge quilts - see number 1 plus no access to machine
3) one finish per month - still plenty of time
4) finish UFO before starting new project - nothing new started so OK
5) try one new free motion stitch - see number 2
6) write up patterns - Success did that one
7) quilt write up - success also although it is written up on a site with no public access at this stage.

so in summary 4/7 is not bad