Friday, April 24, 2009

Richard hits the local newspaper

While talking to Richard this morning on google chat he nonchalantly mentioned that there was an article about him in the local paper.  Me being the mum of course immediately went out and bought a copy of the paper.  Paul being more the talkative person continued chatting to him and discovered that it could be viewed online.  Mind you one advantage I had over Paul was that I discovered that Richard was also on the front page!  Isn't he cute!
His article was even popular enough that he reached number 3 in the most popular stories for the day.... and I have the print out to prove it.  Yes I am very proud of him and I agree with the person who left the comment on the site that he was handsome!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cutting long lengths using two rulers

Placing the two rulers side by side, slide them so that they pass through the corner points of the square as shown.

Using the rotary cutter carefully cut along the diagonal until you have passed the halfway point 

With your right hand hold the smaller ruler in place as you slide the long ruler beside it until it passes the upper corner.

Discard the smaller right hand ruler and complete the diagonal cut through the top corner.

Paducah Show

Well the winners have been announced for Paducah and boy are there some beauties. You could spend an eternity looking over some of those beauties. Mariya Waters won with her beautiful Renaissance Revival which has to be seen in real life to be believed. The photos don't do justice to it.

Also heard that Nicole Bridges and Lisa Walton won third prize for wall quilts which is also great.

On a sad note... well for people who are not into applique.. it again appears as though there is no chance of winning a major prize at Paducah if you prefer piecing rather than applique... ahhh such is life!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2010 SCQ Retreat

Well I was the first!!! First one to sign up to follow blog for next year's Scquilter's retreat.  
It will be at Bathurst which is only next door to Orange, where I grew up.  
First opportunity in years for me to go back and check up a friend... I would say or two but there you have it... I only have one friend.  Well only one left in Orange anyhow and it will be great to see him again.  I could warn him but then again he might leave.  Hmmm might this suggest something about my circle of 'friends'?