Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scatterday V

So what do you think of our snazzy letter this time around?  
And the categories to birghten your week are
# colour
# pointy
# weather
# and of course it has to be a vibrant quilt

Posting date is the 11th May

Late, late and late. Logging my progress for Scatterday L

Well I suppose it just had to be L stands for LATE. It is now 8:09am, well it was when I first opened the page, Saturday 27th April and I am just starting my L post.
How fast can I make it? As you will all no doubt guess there is no way that I will be able to actually take any of the photographs for this post so it will again be a steal from the internet. Where would one be without old Google and its images?

So here goes the morning's post.

8:12 managed to log on
8:13 fixed up spelling and typo errors from above piece
8:14 L is for sky . Lofty clouds in images got no hits
8:17 couldn't decide between a decent looking Lear jet and some lofty clouds... so here you have both.

8:18 boy I will be more than lucky if these things actually format correctly but one can only hope when one is desperate and LATE

8:19 Purple - this was always going to be lavendar as my neighbour grows lots of it. I haven't checked if any is in flower but again Goole images to the rescue

8:22 well three minutes wasted as the post images moved all over the place while I tried to add an 'l' to the words lots above... why do I make so many typos when rushing?

8:23 City - London. I know you probably won't believe this but I do have a photo of this same spot...somewhere on my camera.. somewhere being the most important word in that sentence.

8:25  Lap Quilt - now this is actually one of my own. I made Green Scrap several years ago and will today add a label to it and give it to a fantastic guy who lives down the road.
Viv is 92 years old and was to be the first person I had ever known who actually hit the 100 mark. I had joked with him last year about looking forward to his 100th birthday party because I have never known anyone who was 100. We had talked about what gifts to give to people who are so young and he said no gift was the best gift as they invariably have everything.

Unfortunately two weeks ago Viv was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been given only three months to live. He has opted for no treatment as he feels he has had a full life and has never recovered from the loss of his wife a couple of years ago. It will be a great loss felt by our whole community as he, and his wife Gwen, have always been real tireless in their efforts to make this a better world for everyone.
I will miss him.

8:36 upload

Sunday, April 14, 2013



Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scatterday L

The categories for this fortnight are interesting to say the least
# sky
# purple
# city
# and a lap quilt

I think those are sweat drops falling off our letter.. showing what it thinks about the challenge.

Posting date is 27th April

Scatterday A - Where are we now?

Boy has this been a rush. It is now Friday and tomorrow is just one day away.
So for today's categories I have home, bird, junk and art
OK I know I have never seen a real life attic but I do have a space above our bedroom which could be classed as an attic..if one didn't have to get a ladder out to climb into it. But such is life. Here you have a photo of our attic door.

Now in here as may be seen from my photo is attic junk. If you look closely you will also see ancient boxes, aged toys and antiquated stuff. While I am certain that there is something valuable in there, if my husband cleans it out before I do, I know most of it will hit the tip.
There is probably also some ancient bird in there too but I think I am really pushing the boundary of what you, my reader will accept from slack me and so have found this on the web.  Pity it wasn't plant as I have a friend who actually paints the old fashioned watercolour style of botanical plants..but now I am really wandering... must say on task.

Last but not least for art from my sewing room I have a quilt I made years ago which is based on Australia's history.

 If you look from the left to the right the fabrics and images reflect the important things in our society over the times. Starting with the indigenous people, plants and animals, going through the English and merino sheep with mining, and other primary industries, the war, death, Bradman (could you have an Australian quilt without Bradman?) the immigrants and their quarter acre blocks to modern times of multiculturalism and the environment. Funny I made this quilt about 15 years ago and today's concerns/focus are still the same although focused in a different direction.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Books for Sale

1.       $1 Patchwork Playthings with full-size templates by Margaret Hutchings 48pg paperback
2.       $5 Textured Embroidery by Jenny Bradford Milner Craft Series 93page paperback
3.       $10 Sew Necessary by Nancy Halvorsen published by Art To Heart 36pg paperback
4.       $15 A Christmas Story by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched includes quilts and 11 other projects 39pgs paperback
5.       $10 Persian Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen by Ali Dowlatshahi with 400 motifs and 8 full colour plates 109pg paperback
6.       $10 Quilted Bags and Purses by Mary Jo Hiney hardcover 144pg
7.       $40 Japanese Imagery in One Hundred Quilts 124pg softcover
8.       $15 Focus on Features – Life-like portrayals in Applique by Charlotte Warr Anderson C&T Publishing 96pg paperback
9.       $15 Faces & Places Images in Applique by Charlotte Warr Anderson C&T Publishing 128pg paperback
10.    $15 Curves in motion – Quilt Designs and Techniques by Judy B. Dales C&T Publishing 160pg paperback
11.     $1 Inspirations Vol 4 1994
12.    $15 Pieced Curves So Simple – The 6 minute circle and other time-saving techniques by Dale Fleming C&T Publishing 80pg paperback
13.    $15 Dear Jane by Brenda Manges Papadakis EZ Quilting by Wrights 160 pg paperback
14.    $8 Ribbon Embroidery 29 Inspirational projects with pattern sheet included Country Craft Series by Craft World Books 176 pg hardback
15.    $20 Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking by Rosemary Shepherd 112 pg paperback
16.    $5 Colours of Australia – Directions in Quiltmaking by The Quilters’ Guild 96pg paperback
17.    $5 Sampler Supreme Showcase quilt for the 6in pieced block by Catherine H Anthony. 80pg paperback
18.    $1 Hooked on Hemp jewelry by Suzanne McNeill 24 fun jewelry items to make and wear 20pg paperback
19.    $5 Celebrating the Traditions Quiltmakers of Australia by Karen Fail 96pg paperback
20.    $5 Workshops from Quilt Skills by The Quilters’ Guild 96pg paperback
21.    $5 Between Friends. Quilt to Share by Karen Fail 104pg paperback
22.    Celebrating the Traditions AND Workshops from Quilt Skills AND Between Friends $10 for all three
23.    $5 Quilts to Come Home To by Joy Hoffman and Darlene Zimmerman 17 New Designs featuring Tri-Recs and Tri-Mate tools 80 pg paperback
24.    $5 Machine Embroidery by Gail Harker. Merehurst Embroidery Skills 127 pg hardback
25.    $3 Super Quilter II Challenging Projects for the Advanced Quilter by Carla J.Hassel 196pg paperback
26.    $1 Basic Embroidery by Creative Handicraft Books 32pg paperback
27.    $1 Quilt Art 2004 engagement calendar by Klaudeen Hansen & Annette Baker American Quilter’s Society fantastic collection of quilt photos
28.    $1 2003 Masterpieces Sprit and strength. Husqvarna Viking Gallery of Quilt Art catalogue from the International Touring Exhibition
29.    $1 2005 Masterpieces Art Takes Shape. Husqvarna Viking Gallery of Quilt Art catalogue from the International Touring Exhibition
30.    $15 historical book English Quilting – Old and New By Elizabeth Hake unnumbered paperback
31.    $15 historical book Forget Me Not – A gallery of Friendship and Album Quilts by Jane Bentley Kolter 128 pg paperback
32.    $15 historical book Red and Green. An Applique Tradition By Jeana Kimball Patchwork Place 160 pg paperback

 Note I am in Australia  and will only post to Australia