Monday, August 31, 2015

BOM 36 - Raspberry Ripple

C36 Raspberry Ripple
Don't we all just love Raspberry Ripple ice cream in a waffle cone!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Collection 35 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 35

How to make a label.

Open up a new Word document and write whatever you want in the label. I used Edwardian Cursive size 48 from memory. Don't forget to include your dates. I know you should also include boring info like washing instructions and materials used but I saved that for a small label on the back.
C35 Raconteur Label

No Way Out - doesn't it look like the perfect maze to occupy a lot of time. For a time you actually get the feeling you may be going somewhere but you're not. A lot like some days at work!
C35 No Way Out

Bamboozled - this block came from a mixture of two quilts I'd made before, Flying Geese and Circles. Another day of going nowhere fast. This wasn't a fun time at work but things did improve.
C35 Reflections

Pebbles dropped into slowly moving water form ripples and then Reflections. I do enjoy skipping stones.
C35 Bamboozled

It was a restful time when Free Time was made. That was why I could have so many tiny pieces in such a small block. 57 pieces in fact.
C35 Free Time

I just love sitting on the machine and mindlessly Stringing Away. I have so many strips but have now thrown out most of the small ones I used for this type of block.
C35 Winter Blossoms

I just love it when you see the first of the blossoms appear as Winter comes to a close.
C35 Stringing Away