Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well here is my third fourth attempt at making a journal cover.  I do agree that it is very similar to the one I flaunted a few weeks ago but that is only because I blatantly copied it.  
Although my quilting skills are not as good as Robyn's I still think it turned out pretty well.
I did learn one thing while making it and that is to only work while I am in the mood.  Once I hit the "I want to finish this" stage I have to stop.  The quilting in the red section was done when I should have called it a day and the stitches are a trifle bigger than the rest.  We all live and learn.

This will be a birthday present for Khanam, my son's girlfriend, and the cover fits an art book as she has just started painting.  Isn't it a bummer to have your birthday so close to Xmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Friday Flaunt / Question

OK now the fun begins.  I have been piecing these clamshells together this week but I want to know if people can work out what they represent.  I know the photo/s not the best but please leave a comment stating what animal you think it might be.

The photo on the left shows the correct orientation but I think it is easier to see in the right hand photo if you tilt your head to the left.

Hope everyone is having a fun Xmas and are with people they enjoy being with.

Friday, December 18, 2009

No Friday Flaunt

Too much has been happening here this week and so I have had no chance to get a needle out. 
Our home has exploded from a quiet two person abode to six people.  PJ, eldest son is home from Paris with his gorgeous girlfriend, Khanam. 
It is marvelous to see your children when they return from a long time away.  We only see him every Xmas as he has been studying overseas for about four years now.  Just after returning he received an email offering him scholarships for another two years of study in another french university so he is really pleased with that.  It also looks as if Khanam will be able to accompany him and so plans are now afoot for their new life together.
My sister, Charmaine and her son Kye have also moved in with us and will be staying a while. 
Life can change so quickly without warning.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Kye is my youngest nephew and this is a quilt that I made for him when he was born, six years ago.  It has been much loved and so was returned a couple of weeks ago for repairs.  
My flaunt this week is the 'again' finished quilt.. Kye's Kaleidoscope... very original name hey?  

With Xmas racing here I thought I would be lucky to do any quilting... but a little bit of straight line quilting was a needed relaxer.  
Sewing room now packed up and no access to machine for three weeks while PJ is home. Looking forward to seeing him and he is  also bringing his girlfriend home to see Australia

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well how lucky am I? Last week one of the groups who I meet with had their Xmas party and this year we decided to swap journal covers.  Well you must agree I was extremely lucky... must have been a good girl this year.

My journal cover was made by Robin and you have to admit she has a fantastic sense of colour and her quilting is what I dream of doing.... perhaps if I practiced I could get better:)