Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sydney Quilt Show

Far out where have the days gone. While wasting time today and surfing discovered that entries for Sydney Quilt show are due at the end of the week. I haven't even taken a photo of one of my quilts and my batteries died two days ago and the recharger is refusing to recharge. Why does everything go upside down at the same time?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Scatterday H

In celebration of the fact that I turned 50 on Wednesday my darling husband proposed organising a party.

We planned to have a "remember when" party for many of my dear old friends.

Searching through old photos brought back some dear memories and probably explains why no-one turned up ... apart from the fact we forgot to send out invites.

Back to the seventies was to be the theme.

HOT PINK was the in colour. Everyone who was anyone had to have hot pink hot pants. These were often worn with the matching hot pink POINTY HATS ... sun protection wasn't really in vogue at that time.

Unfortunately another rage for the happy hippies was the common hash which was often smoked prior to that fantastic game of HOPSCOTCH to Oblivion.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweet Hearts and Apple Blossoms

Have finally finished a UFO. I started this quilt over a year ago in an attempt to use up all of my 1930s fabrics. As you can see I didn't have many. When it was finished it looked a bit drab and boring so I borrowed some of the newest yoyo makers and viola!
I learnt a lot while making the yo yos ... like tighter is not better. May feel more secure but doesn't look as pretty.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I've been tagged by Di - thanks very much!

Now, here are THE RULES...
1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Here goes -

Did you know......

...... my husband suggested I take up quilting when I was pregnant with PJ so that I would have something to fill in my time and stave off boredom.
...... I am really antisocial ... if I don't have some solo time I become extremely edgy
...... I have a short attention span and so have over twenty half finished projects
...... I love mathematics
...... I cry at movies and even when reading books
...... I seldom cook - I had postnatal depression when Richard was born and Paul started cooking then. 18 years later he is still cooking.
...... I am allergic to chocolate and am feeling as rotten as can be after eating a whole bar yesterday ... it was only 100g

Now, I tag Andrea, Di Caine, Glenice and Moggie,Leah, Fran, Lindsay and last but not least Dawn.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scatterday S

Did someone you love one forget to buy something special for valentine's day?

In an attempt to alleviate the stress of this all to regular situation I have persued the multitude of catalogues which are regularly deposited in my letterbox (both electronic and snail) and selected three must have items which I am certain will assist in preventing this situation reoccuring.

First up is a simple gift that initially may terrify many a brave man. At first glance it appears to be a gold wedding band but no it is more than that. A lot more. It is a SELF PRESERVATION RING. This wonderful gift will insure that important date is never again forgotten.  

This specialty ring reminds the wearer of that special date 24 hours before it occurs and in a very original and ... hot manner. 24 hours prior to the set date, the ring will heat up to 49 Celsius degrees for around 10 seconds, and will continue to heat up for the whole day, at every hour, thus ensuring the fact that the user won't forget the anniversary and even has a chance to purchase a gift just right for the day.

Next is a fashionable (their words not mine) SELF DEFENCE JACKET. This trendy and innocent looking jacket has a mere 80,000 volts of low amperage electric current pulsing just below the surface shell of the entire jacket.

They even state that the current interrupts the neurological impulses and inflicts a high amount of non-lethal pain. Although not advertised I am certain it would definitely make you, or anyone trying to touch you, itch.  
Could you imagine wearing this in our recent weather?  

Hey the ring didn't work .... just try touching your loved one and something is going to jolt it straight to number one position in the memory. No need for the cold shoulder or smoldering anger.

The third and final gift is for the fun-loving ones among us SCREAMING FRUIT. This could be left in an obvious location next time someone forgets something important, perhaps outside the door as a warning before that shocking cuddle.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Well I definitely feel like I am back at work now.  Have had barely any opportunities to do some sewing and so have only finished one more hexagon in the past fortnight.  Hopefully I will be able to get back into them soon.  Might be able to start on another one while I am sitting at the airport this afternoon .... Richard's plane has been late every time so far so I'm not expecting tonight to be any different.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pirate's Paradox

The title of this quilt comes from the Gilbert and Sullivan musical Pirate's of Penzance. Within that you have one skit where a misunderstanding occurs because of the way people pronounce the words orphans and often. As I often have had orphans over the years I thought this was a reasonable connection.
I made this quilt in an attempt to use up ALL of my left over blocks from projects I have made throughout the 20 years I have been quilting. After this quilt was finished I was left with only one block in my orphan box. Richard upon seeing it thought it was grand as it reminded him of so many of my other quilts.
When he moved out to live on campus he wanted a quilt that didn't matter if it was damaged and was really happy when I offered this one

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scatterday I

Due to the recent spate of illegal activities which could impact on the local tourist industry the Ivanhoe District Incorporated Opposing Tourist Scams In NSW Centres (IDIOTS Inc.) have applied to the local council for the introduction of some new ordnances.
Ordnance 1
In an attempt to alleviate the visual pollution and health risks posed by IBIS droppings in the inner harbour area it is now illegal for all ibis to fly over inner harbour irrespective of their wearing or not of the iconic yellow raincoat.

Ordnance 2
To prevent the import of inferior ice products which could have a devastating effect on the indigenous icreamery Ivanhoe unions instigated a ban on the unloading of all such products particularly the mango and banana ICECREAMS which are made from local produce.  It has been agreed that these are to remain on their cargo ships until they melt after which they will be unloaded.

Ordnance 3
The local CWA will once again manufacture the iconic ICED VOVO for all truely Australian functions.  Only these accompaniments are allowed for the tradional caffe latte set or the Saturday afternoon barbie.  It is believed that through the application of this ordinance all true Australian men will learn to appreciate a more rounded diet than the usual fare of beer and sangers. 

The iconic yellow raincoat, which is sometimes produced in a more in-style ivory intensity, has been included (although an infringement of the rules of game) due to its importance to our national identity ... and I like it!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What do I remember?

This month's theme is 'What am I old enough to Remember?'
Actually this is quite a coincidnce as I was recently thinking about starting on a small quilt (six inches square) using an aeroplane jelly logo. Many times I will be wandering around and that old song pops into my head

"I like aeroplane jelly!
Aeroplane jelly for me!
I like it for diner. I like it for tea.
A little each day is a good recipe.
I like aeroplane jelly.
Aeroplane jelly for me!!"

Everyone sing it together now ....

So this month's "stop and think what are you old enough to remember. You do not have to declare your age - but simply what you are old enough to remember." challenge has started me on my way.   One of the children I work with is  also studying australia and what it means to be an Australian, our culture, our icons ... just us.  Personally Aeroplane jelly is the perfect place for a totally cuturally insensitive person ... or one who remembers what is important to a child.

Anyone thinking of joining this challenge just click on the link beside

Here is this months palette should you choose to use it

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Scatterday Z

Our esteemed organiser/ torturer threw us out last week with her flippant "Just take three photos of things that start with Z" spiel ... easy or not.  We, the lowly plebs that do as we are directed, set out to unravel what she REALLY meant.

 It couldn't really be to take any three photos ... something was amiss ... 

I pondered this for quite a while and then it hit me .... flaming obvious ... Michelle was in trouble and in need of our assistance  (JUSTICE had been miswritten as JUST) she had of course omitted a couple of letters in her rush to type her plea (TAKES was meant to be written rather than TAKE)  and of course being under duress she hadn't yet been able to correct this. 'Photos of 'and 'photos about' mean the same thing. And we all know what 'things that start with Z' mean .... hmmm   
Of course she meant to type ..."Justice takes three. Photos about. Things that start with Z. " She had had no time to include punctuation and boy can her  statement be misinterpreted when punctuation is omitted/inserted. 
Now that the message had been deciphered the task remained to find out just who/what was she referring to!

Using the international research data base (aka Google) I soon discovered that justice was non other than Zachary T. Paleozogt (aka ZOT) a non-nonfictional character who between 1984 to 1990 fought various villains who were planning to overrun an alternative planet Earth.  
But what happened after 1990 ... we are told nothing ... he reappeared briefly in 2000 .. then again nothing ... the talk is that he should again be 'out in June 2 008' .. 
yes we all know what those words mean don't we
 .... examine his life ... associates - criminals ... real identity - unknown ... career structure and propects - none ... pretty pathetic outlook.  
Where has he been?  

I think those words 'out in June 2008' tell us all.  But wait this is only February ... a quick perusal of online newspapers  (again using Google) revealed that in Queensland three criminals have escaped ... assumed to be disguised as ZLIKS.

So that was two parts of the message deciphered... Michelle was still under shock since Zot had apprehended three criminals who had escaped from the local establishment disguised as zliks.  

How had they managed to escape?  That was the next and final question.  Research this time needed to incorporate images ... she had written 'photos about' ... that of course meant there were photos floating about ... they had to be found and soon!  
The usual researching of known animals turned up nought but then my husband reminded me of the Mexican ZONKEY we had seen once when on vacation.  With a name the search was complete and an image found.

Hey would you have preferred a boring story about our vacation in Mexico?

http://tinyurl/2bwdyo                http://tinyurl/yovaqn       http://tinyurl/2z4o3w