Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Yes it is a late flaunt but there is a reason for it..I didn't realise it was Friday already. Just sat down to check the emails and surprise surprise there was Daphne's flaunt.

My flaunt this week is related to last week's flaunt. Rebecca from Patchwork and Quilting at Express Publications has just emailed me to ask if they could take my Confused Wells quilt to a few craft shows as the sample of a project from their upcoming magazine.... As you can well guess my prompt response was a definite yes! So anyone going to Brisbane or Adelaide in the next month or so will be able to check it out in 'real life'.

I was also going to flaunt the 59 charity blocks I made for the NSW guild get away last weekend except they were all 1/4in too small. Note to self - when using someone else's machine be sure to check their 1/4in foot... oh well at least they only need to cut down a few of the other people's blocks to have enough for three quilts!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Frenzied Friday

Well two flaunts really. Tomorrow is the first day of my online class at Quilt Campus. Scroll down until you get to Confused Wells and that is my class.

It is my version of Hidden Wells but without the restrictions of strips being a fixed width and blocks being same size and in fact any other restriction. I really like the quilt and in real life it is a lot brighter than this photo shows. I have taught it a few times and all of the students have had success and it is perfect for clearing out the rubbish which we all seem to accumulate in our stash over time.

My second flaunt is this tie quilt. I would love to say that I have finished making all of the blocks but when I lay it out it just screamed that it was too short. So in a few weeks you will see a similar flaunt, I hope, when I finish another four blocks... fingers crossed.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carmichael and Shane

I know this is an old one but it is definitely a good one... parenting tips for a single parent trying to bring up twins. The boys, Carmichael and Shane, both are gorgeous and play their roles superbly. Check it out well worth the five minutes and I am sure you will laugh.

Great Give Away

I really do need to get a time manager. I have spent almost an hour sitting here surfing and haven't had a chance to start all those horrid tasks one must do. However I do have a very good reason. I have found some top giveaways which, if you have a few minutes, or hours to spare are worth checking out.
Art Gallery Fabrics is giving you the chance to win a bundle of FQs or and this is what I would love most a bag of scraps... I really do need to move on from scraps...but not just yet.

Sorry but I just went give you links to the other giveaways but my browser died and I have lost those. As I said I need a time manager and so must leave now... but check out the above link.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Really Super Flaunt

Well what do you think of this for a brag? I am now an online designer with Christine Abela's ecraftpatterns. Check it out. I am there.

Yes I know it is bragging but I can't believe it... especially the part where I actually managed to get organised enough to get my design instructions converted correctly to pdf. Yes I know everyone says it is easy and it probably will be next time.. especially if I don't start out with a table format, but that is another story.

My first pattern is one which I drew up for a friend of mine who wanted to begin teaching patchwork. It was perfect for a beginning teacher and also for a beginning patchworker.

Again you can see Paul's watermarking .. for those who asked for a tutorial he will provide this once he can remember how he does it. He is still at the "I think this is what I did last time" stage.. but getting faster.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Motion Quilting

Found a fantastic blog today, 365 Days of Free Motion.

Everyday Leah is uploading a new free motion design with an accompanying video. Check it out and I would even recommend you bookmarking it.

The design beside is called Lightning Bolt and is from day 27.

Monday, September 7, 2009


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Well I can't believe how busy I have been. I have been trying to get organised for this weekend's retreat plus write instructions for a few patterns and in the midst of this we had a visit to Brisbane. Took some lovely photos while travelling and figured that I would upload some.
The collage above is a collection of photos of homes which I lived in as a child. Isn't it amazing how our memories remember things. When I lived in these homes they were beautiful but the years have not done them any favours.
We never lived in the middle house but it is one I have always loved. When I was young it was to me a palace with two huge lion statues guarding the entrance. I have always wanted a majestic entrance and I think it is because of this house. Unfortunately arsonists visited it a while ago and there is little left of my dream.
My happiest home was the one on the lower right and it still looks well loved.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Flaunt

Well here it is Friday again. I have been unbelievably busy for most of the past fortnight but the last two days have been great. I am now working on the next border for the quilt top I flaunted a fortnight ago and have decided to do this block.

Initially I wanted to make 8in blocks but after talking with friends have changed my mind and will now make smaller blocks and ... if I can find some more hand dyes in enough colours will do a final border of sawteeth after this one.

Last night I decided that foundation piecing was the way to go and so drew them up and after only two more samples I have managed to work out what sizes to cut the fabric and the order of piecing to achieve what I want.

I am planning on making all of the backgrounds in black and the star/whatever in a variety of greens.