Saturday, October 31, 2015

BOM 38 - Chinese Checkers

C38 Chinese Checkers
As a child my family loved to play Monopoly. I however loathed this game as it was always cut throat. Chinese Checkers on the hand, even with everyone's desperate desire to win, was not so. Even if you lost you had to have taken off some of your opponent's marbles.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

First Quilt

Isn't this cute? I am just starting to convert my old photos into digital version and came across this  photo of the very first quilt I made. Isn't it a wonder. By the look of things they were about 20in square. All hand cut with a pair of scissors and many were cut on the bias so the design would go diagonally. You can tell I knew a lot about quilting. I made that quilt in 1984.... Wow I hadn't realised it was so long ago. Unfortunately I discarded it when I learnt how to make proper quilts :-(
Rolling on the quilt is my eldest son, wearing another of my creations. I used to sew clothes when the children were young. It saved so much money, that we didn't have and filled in so much time, that I also didn't have :-) 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fabric Needed

Well I'm in desperate need of some more of this fabric. It is a Debbie Mumm made for South Sea Imports .. many many many years ago. By my calculations I have exactly the amount I need ... if I make absolutely no errors and manage to cut everything with only the minimum amount of seam allowance which is not going to happen as I intend to foundation piece this and so will need 1/2in seam allowance rather than 1/4in.
Oh the colour is a yellowy mustard.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Collection 37 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 37

There is always a special private temple within the public one that visitors see.
C37 Temple Within

Yes I agree I have never seen a Fish Kiss, but it does look they are kissing if you squint yoru eyes.
C37 Fish Kiss

Not as hot as our Summer Sun but you can still see the heat radiating out.
C37 Stolen Threads

Two birds sitting on the window sill watching as I sew. A thread is dropped and down they swoop.
Summer Sun

Every parent has hopes for their children but at times are discouraged and feel bound within. 
C37 Alexander's Gold

Alexander IS gold. He is a delightful child who will have many battles in life.
C37 Bounds of Hope

The maze may have been easier seen had I used two colours, but then who wants and easy maze?
C37 Twisting Maze