Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kuala Lumpar -October 4th - 5th

Well today is the start of our holiday.  With only 80 odd people  on our plane I was able to nab a whole middle section to myself and so slept well.  This meant that when we landed in Malaysia I felt alive and well, with no jet lag. Paul didn't sleep so well but was still able to get up and go.
It is rather interesting wandering around.  I am amazed at all of the Islam mosques and Hindu temples,  there was even a small one behind one of the stalls in Chinatown.
Our hotel, Hotel Malay is right in the centre of Chinatown and so we check out the stalls every time we go out.
Breakfast is definitely interesting - a wide selection of dishes but they are all curry based ... actually all meals are curry based here, I suppose like we would expect of Indian food.  
This is a photo of a temple which was just around the corner from our hotel.  Check out all of the intricately carved statues.

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