Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Flaunt - Lost?

Late last year Paul and I went on a trip to the US.  Great trip and saw lots of wonderful things but that isn't the point of this post.  
After returning home I went out in my car one day and when I looked in the back seat of my car I was quite surprised to find this large lap sized quilt... almost big enough for a single bed. 

So why was I surprised to find a quilt there you may ask?  Well the thing was I couldn't remember ever seeing the quilt before.  Now I know I am forgetful but I was positive I didn't make it so I took it with me to all of the various quilt groups which I meet with but no one owned up to having either seen it or made it. 

So there I was with this dilemma... new quilt and no  owner.  I was trying to clean up my place and organise which quilts would go to charity and which ones would go for gifts and which quilts would go elsewhere.  In the midst of this DUQ did a call for quilts for a few themes and I thought let's give it a try.  Sent off the picture and surprise, surprise... they liked it.  
So if you would like to make this starry quilt for someone the instructions will be in this month's edition of DUQ (number 144).  

If you don't get around to making it and you would like to buy a ticket in a raffle to win it let me know. Tickets will be $2 each and the funds will go to sponsoring hearing impaired primary aged children to attend camp.  For many of the children this is the only opportunity they have to meet other hearing impaired children and discover that they are not alone.  

We have a different quilt,  Summer Whispers, for this year's raffle, along with three other prizes for accommodation at various places around the Goulburn area. 

Spring Explosions will be next year's raffle quilt and I will remind anyone who comments that they would like a reminder.

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