Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scatterday I - Announcing Australia's NEW wealthiest woman

OK all of you poor lowly mortals I believe that I must now be the richest person in Australia.  I just checked on the web and Gina Rhinehart only has a mere $20 billion whereas as may be seen from my photographed notes above I not only have an original Iraqi Dinar of unkonwn value but I also have $100 trillion which everyone must agree is an immense sum. Both of these notes were purchased by my ingenious son using funds saved from his weekly pocket money..boy are we generous parents to be able to afford to give him enough money he could save the necessary funds..and we never thought he was a good saver:)
I have been investigating how poor Gina invests her wealth and figured that mining was the way to go. Now to the eye of an immature individual the second photo may appear to be just rubble from my backyard but trust me it is iron ore from my backyard and after my friend Eddie gets his mate Ian to pay me an over inflated amount for mining rights I could well have another $100 trillion. With this immense wealth I was hoping to purchase an innovative ipad but this tool is beyond my trillions and so I will probably need to settle on the inferior ipad mini whilst waiting for my investments to mature.
Due to my strong finanacial situation I have decided it is the perfect time to expand my craft interests to inchies which I am easily able to afford since my mum gave me a 40L container of buttons and being a scrooge I have never thrown away any scraps even those huge palm sized pieces that many of you store in your trash they say a fabric saved is a fabric earned. I would have actually sewn the buttons onto my inchies but... organising my immense wealth is just so time consuming..perhaps next time.


Vireya said...

I feel honoured to be associated, however intangibly, with you! Where do I send the begging letters?

Very funny post, thanks for the laughs! I can see I am going to have to lift my game.

Pauline said...

Hi Cinzia! Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Cobargo! 4kg of buttons is quite a haul....quite a few 'inchies' in that container alone.

Joy V said...

Well done Cinzia - I'm honoured also to know you - but I do believe in sharing!!!!

aubirdwoman said...

me me me, I will help with all your wealth.
How about some nice easy letters and easy subject.
Well done on yours.

jacaranda said...

Great posting Cinzia, I will put you on my Christmas card list. Thoroughly enjoying the challenge. I think Gina could learn a few things from you!!

Liz Needle said...

Too Ingenious my innovative and imaginative friend. You are an icon of innovation and individuality. Your insignificant and inept inductees idolise you and, inspired by your intelligence and infinite talent for improvisation, strive to imitate your immense and immeasurable ingenuity.

Ozjane said...

such creativity seems to suggest you have too much time on your hands, so I expect a new fantastic quilt design any clever chook you.

Pauline said...

Hi Cinzia,
The 15th 'blogger' on the list seems to be bogus. Would you mind checking it please?