Saturday, March 1, 2014

Collection 15 - Where Did That Name Come From?

Collection 15

Wow isn't it amazing how quickly we are racing through the collections. We are almost a third of the way through. a few people have sent along their photos and it is great to see these. I would love to see more and my photoshopping skills are improving.
So why were these blocks named as they are?
Searching, hey it's a maze and although you can easily find your way out most times you can't.
C15 Searching

Goldilocks, again this was to me the only choice. Aren't the 1930s fabrics cute. Mind you I'm positive I could never finish an entire quilt using just those.
C15 Goldilocks

e.coli this late at night I am assuming the only thing one can about the naming of this block. Was it on one of our cruises that I made this one or was it the time I ate seafood which didn't smell quite right. We never did go back to that shop.
C15 Bond Street

There are many of my memories within the blocks of Raconteur, the nights of Monopoly and cheers when I held the Bond Street card in my hand - it was my good luck charm. As a child I fought to win like every other child. Now I dislike the game and that same aspect. For every winner there are more losers and I won't play. Thankfully our children have discovered many other games which aren't quite as cut throat though cut throat are still their favourites. 
C15 e.coli

September, for some reason the soft blue suggested the cool evenings of September.
C15 September

The star within the star suggested an enveloping of arms and protection.

C15 Bees to the Hive
Bees to the Hive, don't the dots look like small insects and although the hives look like little Pacmen from the arcade packman game of the 70s I took them to also be hives.

C15 Enveloped 

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