Friday, August 22, 2008

Poor Man, Beggar Man

Well I have finally uploaded my two denim quilts. After seeing Doris' denim quilts I thought they looked good and so decided to give it a try. I have a series of three items made out of denim

Rich Man is a handbag made from a gorgeous pair of jeans. I will upload a photo some day soon. I used one of PJ's old satin pyjama bottoms for the lining and have a selection of old silk ties that I use instead of a belt and change over to add variety of colour to the bag.

Poor Man is the log cabin quilt which came second.  This one featured in Down Under Quilts recently.  It used mainly the long pieces from the legs and the large pocket sections.

Lastly is Beggar Man and this was made from what was left after the other two items had taken the 'cream' of the material.  To me it is by far the best and has so much character, by the time I started on this quilt I had worked out to incorporate all of the different shaped pockets, tabs and bits and pieces.... even have a couple of secret pocket sections which are perfect for a child to hide something in.

I was amazed at the weight of these quilts and when it came to quilting had to leave out the wadding or it would have taken a strongman to lift either of them:-)

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