Thursday, February 26, 2009

And I raise your two pairs

Well I can't believe it! Richard arrived home absolutely ecstatic over Hopkins... well apart from the presence of security huts every ten metres and the continual whine of the ambulance siren arriving every three minutes at the hospital across the road from the student quarters.

He thinks their program is superb and he has also been nominated for a Sommer scholarship which would allow him to work with various government departments while studying. They have also offered him a joint Ph D with the department of Mental Health and the people who he would be working with were extremely friendly.

He shared a room with a young man from Ireland and they hit is off really well and he figures that he could happily share with him. It appears as though the student accommodation isn't too crash hot but there is plenty on offer in Baltimore, although it is very rough in the areas around the medical centre where most students live.... definitely not the better part of town.

at least he is now basing his decision on more relevant factors such as courses and opportunities rather than available sports and accommodation.

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