Monday, April 25, 2011

AQC 2011

Well the holidays are almost over and I will need to return to work :(  However I thought I would share a few photos from the recent AQC.  The work was amazing and the photos I have uploaded are just a few from the sixty plus which I took.
The first is the chandelier from the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.  I thought I had taken more photos of the centre but they didn't turn out too well but it is a truly impressive building.

The second photo is my quilt,Turkish Delight.  I am definitely over this quilt but it was still a buzz to see it hanging there. 

The next one is a miniature.  Gorgeous colour choice and oh so cute . Although the photo doesn't show it  the   precision in her piecing was impressive.. 
This one was made by one of the teachers, sorry I don't recall her name.  
I just loved both the subject and the colour choice of this quilt.  There were several in this series and all worth another look.  I think I took at least two photos of each and different details... perhaps one day I will try the technique.  No let's be honest applique is never going to feature in my list of enjoyable activities.
Now if ever I could have a quilt made by someone else this would be it.  The different techniques which Kay H? used are amazing.   And aren't those mice so lifelike?

If only I could improve my layout skills that would be impressive in itself.

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smithcat said...

Thanks for the AQC photos, Cinzia! I especially love the applique flowers on B&W