Friday, February 15, 2013

Curves - oh what fun!

C16 Bull's Eye
Last week Carol ventured onto some of the curved blocks. Now while I pieced these in the original quilt Carol decided to use machine applique and boy is she accurate with it. You need to look closely to see her stitches and they are really well done.
C13 Nature's Force
What do you think of her gorilla in Bull's Eye. It is a shame but there are people who do think a gorilla is a perfect target. When will it end? 
With Nature's Force she has again used the flying birds for background and it appears as though the central fans are definitely wreaking havoc with their flights.
C16 Ravishing Rhonda
Ravishing Rhonda, named after a most wonderful and caring person, was made using EPP for the central star and then the darker frame was appliqued around this. Love the colours.
C13 Norwegian Wind
And in Norwegian Wind we again have the perfect choice of fabrics the dark grey suggesting a tumultuous wind surrounding torrid fires.  I don't think Norway really has much of a problem with fires though as a google didn't bring up many instances, unlike our home of Australia.

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