Thursday, February 21, 2013

Green Eggs & Ham or Bananas & Custard

C8 Green Eggs & Ham
C6 Short Changed
Well two more blcosk from Carol but there is a dilema. In Raconteur this block was named for one of my favourite also loves my hips but that is another story. I called it Bananas and Custard. Now Carol definitely has the bananas but is not too keen on green custard which definitely wouldn't go to my hips! She thought a more appropriate name would be Green Eggs and Ham. Do we have a Dr Seuss fan? 
Well it's a free world and it's Carol's quilt so Green Eggs and Ham it is.

Short Changed developed when I mislaid the pieces which I'd cut after sewing the central section together.  I also had run out of the focus colour and thus the block was short in size and changed in colour:) Wonderful quilt in that it could use anything that was the right size and designs could easily evolve.

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