Sunday, February 3, 2013

English Paper Piecing Trials

C5 Mums Among the Gold
C5 Mums Among The Gold
Carol has always preferred to use English Paper Piecing for her patchwork and so decided to try some of the Raconteur designs with this method. Her first effort while looking great was a bit big and so after a bit of research I discovered that if I scaled the patterns slightly she would be able to cut the paper foundations directly from the patterns and so our adventure began. 
C5 Baby Blue
We have finally worked out that 200gsm paper gives her the best results, since this is strong enough for her to fold the fabric over and glue in place, guaranteeing sharp points and perfect joins.
Carol made two Mums Among the Gold blocks as she was trialling the EPP method and her second block is spot on in both size and pointy points. This bloc and Baby Blue were named from the fabrics that I used in the original quilt, crysanthemums with gold on white background for one and blue on white for the other. 
C5 Pointing The Finger
Isn't Pointing the Finger bright. To me it suggested people turning their back on someone as it to indicate that person was the culprit of something and they wanted nothing to do with them..a cruel world at times.

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