Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Surprise for Luca

C31 Luca

C8 Spring Surpris
Well nothing is going to slow Carol down. Two more cute blocks have just landed in my mailbox and I had to share them now. The first, Luca was named after a girl I met on a cruise once. She was a bundle of life and there were always people surrounding her whatever the event.  She came from England and I initially called this block Luca from London but thought it a bit of a mouthful and so shortened it.
What a woinderful garden Carol must have if the flowers in Spring Surprise are any indication. And of course where would spring be without the bees and their delicious honey.
Just realised after uploading that this should have been on my other blog. No worries if you wish to see more of Carol's blocks check it out here.

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