Saturday, December 29, 2018

2019 Colour Challenge

Well it is on again. Jen Shaffer is again offering a new block every month in here 2019 Colour Challenge.

On the first day of every month she will post a new block. All instructions and the pattern will be found on Jen's own website.

Several designers will also be showing you different colour selections for the same block plus offering hints they found while making the block themselves. Jen offers the patterns in two sizes 6'' and 12'' finished ... plus ... now comes the big cheers .... a layout for the blocks if you stay throughout the year. I need to check if all of the blocks will be available for the entire year or if you need to make sure to pick them up on the month they are released. Hey why not simply put it in a reminder in your calendar to stop by Jen's or one of the other designers' blogs each month and pick it up. All of the blog posts will always be available and Jen will have permanent links for the entire year for you to easily check back to see what else people have found.

From what I have read last year Jen also had a page where people were able to upload their blocks as they finished so you can see what others are doing and make some friends along the way.

I won't/can't show you my block yet but trust me it will look good.

I'm running a bit late but will organise myself today .... hey this needs to be up and ready to fly midnight New Year's Eve so I can't leave it much later.

check back on the first of January to see my first block ...... check back on the first of June to see my second block ..... no the blocks aren't that difficult but this year Jen wants to showcase a wide variety of designers and so we could only choose two months ..... oh June is especially good for checking out this blog as I will have another surprise to share with you.

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