Friday, December 14, 2018

Landscape - Masada National Park

As I said in my previous post the landscape here is absolutely amazing. 

Leaving Tel Aviv the land is undulating with no mountains or valleys to speak of but after a couple of hours of gradual rises there appeared sudden valleys everywhere. We must have been driving along a slight ridge. Regardless, I was amazed at what suddenly appeared.

Notice the total lack of any life ... As far as you can see there is nothing growing. Mind you those blue signs do warm ppl not to feed the ibexes as the foods will kill them. I suppose the lack of ibexes is testament to the truth of that statement.

I copied this photo from the web as my photos simply didn’t show the depth of the landscape. The photo must have been taken at the peak of the wet season as, no kidding, there was absolutely no vegetation as far as the eye could see on our visit.

People go trekking here and there are signs everywhere saying take water and sun protection and don't go alone. Like as if any one of those would be something you might forget when planning to trek through this. This is the 'cold' and wet season ... yehhh right!

After leaving Israel we went to Jordan which was so much more fertile..... similarly to my memories of the Nullarbor ..... occasional sprigs of salt bush and dried grass.

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