Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Camel Markets - Tel Aviv

As you all celebrate Xmas I thought you might like to see the choices a someone would have in the local Carmel markets 🤪

How’s this for a selection of pastries? I have no idea if they are sweet or savoury nor which is which. The two I tried were VERY sweet.

These look like the accompaniments that we have had while eating out. Quite delicious but no idea what they are

These look delicious .... yummy.
For a healthy alternative there is always fruit. I have seen many of these in our supermarkets but never in such quantities nor as cheap. For us they are an exotic fruit whereas here they are as commonplace as apples or bananas and significantly cheaper. 

Wouldn’t these dried fruits make a superb celebration cake. They were generally 40-50 shekels a kilo. That's about $20 a kilo which is dirt cheap compared to Aus.
Anyone for olives? A myriad of colours and tastes I assume. The open air markets never cease to amaze me. These I can understand as they are so salty I’m positive nothing could survive in them but am surprised at some of the other foods

Turkish delight and halva, ground sesame seed base, are more traditional sweets. There are stalls galore selling these.
On the savoury side their range of cheeses leaves every country we’ve visited, apart from France, for dead. A quite overpowering aroma if you’re not used to it.

These markets are open everyday apart from Shabbat, that is sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, and similar were found in all of the places we visited.  Supermarkets are small like the corner stores we would have been used to as children but stocked like those magic fabric stores we hear of where everything can be found and there is not enough room to even turn around in. I wonder how long it would take to grow comfortable shopping here?

Just another window into a different world. 

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