Thursday, December 13, 2018


Jordan is one of the poorest if not the actual poorest of the middle eastern countries yet it is also one of the most hospitable. 

Remember how everyone was going on a couple of years ago about how generous various European countries were taking in the refugees from that huge surge escaping troubles from Syria etc. Germany  took in a bit over 800,000 refugees which is less than 1% of their population. In Jordan on the other hand more than 1/3 of their entire population are refugees. It also has no oil or other resources. 

We spent our next 3 nights in Jordan. To increase revenue you didn’t have to pay for an incoming visa if you spend at least 3 nights in Jordan so we planned accordingly. 

Our first night was spent in Aqaba. This port is the only seaport in Jordan as most of the country is landlocked. As you can see from the photo above Aqaba is very small.
What do you think of the mountains int he background ... by background I'm talking less than a kilometre away ... as I said very small place.

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