Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Old City of Akko

The weather is now pleasant, shorts and t-shirts. Nights slightly cooler so still need our jackets. Lucky we’re able to walk, manage backpacks and live in same  clothes for three days as it makes our trips away from homebase manageable .... warm enough for washed underwear to  dry overnight.

If the nights were warm we could get away with two lightweight backpacks but unfortunately as they are still cool we need both packs and they feel like they’re  full of bricks. This though is more easily managed than a suitcase over the cobbled streets.

To round off about the old city of Akko ... there is a new part of the city but it’s boring ... think highrise Lakemba. The old city though is something else. Traffic is unbelievable. Many streets are one way but in some surprising places it’s two way!

Honestly this is a two way street. We came across a three car juggling event near an  intersection  and it was amazing to watch ... as expected one car had to do a u-turn ... well a many point turn. Must be common as there was no yelling or tempers. One fellow hopped out of his car to help the u-turner. Left his car running and just stepped over to help. We’ve seen a number of unattended cars with their motors running blocking streets. Only once did someone sit on their horn to make the owner return. When he did return he simply stepped into his car and drove off .... no yelling from other guy or anything.
I’m taking this photo standing in front of our BnB along our street.

I fully understand why the bad guys use motorbikes in James Bond. First up to get through the markets and then to be able to u-turn.
Aren’t the open air markets amazing?

That's the third day that huge fish in the back has been hanging there ... in the 'fresh' air. Mind you there's a lot less of him than yesterday.

How’s this for a selection of herbs and spices.

There’s a shop behind these items below. It’s four steps wide and not much deeper. Everyday they bring all of the items out to the front and at night pack it back inside.

And here is Paul about 9am ... just as they are starting to open up their shops/stalls. Look how clean the street is. At night after packing up the stalls the streets are all swept and washed. 
There were street sweepers working all day throughout the whole city which explains why it looked so clean. 

I finally remembered to take a photo of our breakfast today. First up you are given an entree whenever you go to a restaurant ... olives, gherkins, chillies and tomato. You don’t order it, they simply bring it out for you and it’s complementary. 
Then there is pita bread with the main meal, which as you can see was hummus with pomegranate, Paul had his with shakshuka ... poached eggs in a tomato based sauce. Although we have been given forks I think that was because we were westerners as the Arabic ppl simply broke off pieces of bread and scooped up their food with that. 
The food is very filling and we ate nothing more either day, nor did we feel hungry.

Funny once we had rested and had our bearings it felt quite safe and we happily wandered around after dark plus the place looked totally different at night. Mind you nightfall happens early .... 5ish. This was probably taken about 8ish as we were in bed by 9 every night ... totally beat.

Jam  filled donuts are the traditional Hanukkah food and we found a top bakery yesterday   

I have been thoroughly enjoying this trip. As I said to Paul, I knew and believed that Jesus was born, lived and was crucified but saw many of the stories of his life in the same vein as one sees the story of Little Red Riding Hood. A story created for a purpose rather than a retelling of an actual historical event. I didn’t know, nor care, which were true nor which were made up .... once you think one is made up you put them all in the same bucket.

Paul says that is a real indictment on my education ..... especially as I spent a few years in a religious school ..... such is life.

We were planning to go to Bethlehem tomorrow but Hilde’s not so sure about it.  She is saying no but Richard wants to go. She asked how he’d feel having his car pelted with rocks. I’m not keen on that. Will see tomorrow.

Also planning to go to Jerusalem on Sunday and stay for two nights. Really looking forward to it, so fingers crossed.

Quiet day today .... repaired the fringe on Hilde's carpet and secured two sides ... sewing skills have so many benefits.

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